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Administrative Office of Courts
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2012 Statewide Court Cost Study is Complete

The Administrative Office of Courts, in conjunction with the Alabama State Bar Leadership Class and a Task Force of Bar Leadership Alumni Class members, has completed a 20 month comprehensive study of state and local court costs in each county.  The study now incorporates the prior state court cost distribution table as well as all local court costs created by constitutional amendment and/or statute through November 2012. This is the first time the court cost distribution charts incorporate local court costs and distribution recipients along with legal authorities for each county. We hope this information will be useful to anyone who needs local cost information as well as to the Bar, the Legislature and local officials when any local court cost increase is being considered.

We invite everyone to review the court cost reports.  If you have questions, please send an email with your thoughts, comments or questions to courtcoststudy@alacourt.gov.

The court system expresses its appreciation to the Alabama State Bar Association, Brenda Ganey, and the Jones School of Law interns who have worked diligently on this project.

A four year comparative report of statewide filings and dispositions by type of case has also been posted along with the statewide collections. The Unified Judicial System collected more than $155 million in fiscal year 2012.

A report reflecting the status of collection of outstanding costs, fines and fees owed along with amounts which have been referred by statute to the District Attorney’s Restitution and Recovery Units by county will be added by January 9, 2013.

Any questions about these reports or any matter regarding the website should be sent to ujswebsite@alacourt.gov.

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