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Written Exam Friday, 4/26/2024 (deadline to register: 4/19/2024) - AOC, Montgomery
Friday, 5/10/2024 (deadline to register: 5/3/2024) - AOC, Montgomery
Friday, 6/21/2024 (deadline to register: 6/14/2024) - AOC, Montgomery
Written $35.00 Registration Form
Orientation The Handout for the Orientation Seminar has been posted on-line. To get credit for completing orientation seminar you must read the handout and submit a notarized copy of the “Orientation Seminar Affidavit Form”. The affidavit must be stamped with the notary’s seal. N/A N/A N/A
Oral Exam Friday, 3/22/2024 (deadline to register: 2/9/2024) - AOC, Montgomery
Friday, 11/15/2024 (deadline to register: 10/4/2024) - AOC, Montgomery
For inquiries regarding oral exams, please email them to
Oral Spanish - $350.00
Other Languages - $690.00
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