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Administrative Office of Courts
300 Dexter Ave.
Montgomery, Al 36104
(334) 954-5000

Judicial College

The Alabama Judicial College, a division of the Administrative Office of Courts, is charged with implementation of a comprehensive plan that addresses the educational, developmental and training needs of members of the Unified Judicial System. The Alabama Judicial College’s philosophy is continuing judicial education and training programs that must recognize the career development needs of court officials and employees. In this process the College develops and coordinates over 60 meetings on a yearly basis which include on-site and off-site conferences, regional trainings and seminars for officials and employees of the circuit, district and municipal courts. Since its inception the College has followed the Conceptual Model which emphasis continuing judicial education for the proper administration of justice because only through education can the delivery of court services to the citizens of Alabama be improved.

The staff consists of a Director, an Assistant Director, Education Specialists, Education Coordinator and an Administrative Support Assistant that work with each court association to develop agendas and training outlines. They also offer orientation programs for judges and clerks. The College coordinates monthly calendars of internal and external training opportunities, events and meetings. They schedule classrooms and provide all logistical support for meetings in- and outside the judicial building. The Judicial College provides speakers for national and state speaker bureaus and procures grants for faculty skills training.

The Judicial College is in the process of making registration to all conferences, regional trainings, seminars, and technical training sessions available to participants on-line. Evaluation of the college and programs will also be available on-line.