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Administrative Office of Courts
300 Dexter Ave.
Montgomery, Al 36104
(334) 954-5000

Finance Division

The Finance Division of the Administrative Office of Courts functions under the management of the Finance Director, Bob Bradford. Primarily this division serves as a liaison with the appellate courts regarding fiscal matters. The Budget-Accounting Section and the Purchasing-Property-Records Management Section provide financial management and assistance to the AOC and the Alabama Trial Courts. Financial management for the AOC and the Trial Courts is in compliance with State of Alabama Laws, Financial Policies and Procedures.

The Budget and Accounting Section is responsible for annual budgets, operating plans, revenue systems and juror payment systems. Grants awarded to the Administrative Office of Courts and trust accounts are administered by the accounting section and the various project managers, in accordance with the appropriate policies and procedures. This section is also primarily responsible for the execution of routine accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions. Expenditure vouchers are electronically prepared to include payment for routine office supplies, equipment, travel vouchers, county expense claims, county agreements, building utilities, professional services contracts, building management costs, and personnel costs. Once prepared, the vouchers are audited by a chief accountant. Accurate records on all account balances are maintained. Monthly, the balancing of all revenues and expenditures to the records maintained by the state comptroller’s office is executed. As scheduled and requested, the chief accountant assists the State Examiners of Public Accounts in reviewing financial operations to ensure compliance with all procedures, and for the accurate accounting of funds.

During fiscal year 2009, approximately 69,528 jurors who serve the Unified Judicial System of the State of Alabama were paid through the juror payment system. Interest in the amount of $4,867.86 was earned and deposited in the State General Fund during this period.

The Purchasing and Property Inventory-Records Management Section - is responsible for the processing of requests for supplies, forms, equipment, publications, postage, postal equipment, repairs, maintenance of equipment, rentals, leases, education conference registration, vehicle repairs-maintenance and varied procurement services in accordance with State and local procurement procedures for UJS-AOC offices statewide. Technical assistance and procurement is provided during county courthouse renovations and constructions for equipment and furnishings needed for offices of elected officials and State employees, utilizing state contracts and state services. Daily technical assistance is provided to field offices.

The Unified Judicial System currently has approximately 11,096 active State property items, with a value of $500 or more. These commodities are currently included on the state-wide UJS inventory, with an acquisition value in excess of $15,126,283.34. During FY 2009, 865 items were surplused with a total value of $461,598.71. The Purchasing & Property Inventory-Records Management Section has the responsibility of overseeing inventories for 75 circuit and district court sites and the Administrative Office of Courts. The scope of this responsibility includes assigning and data entry into an automated inventory system, coordinating the affixing of inventory stickers on each item, maintaining current data, statewide surplus property pickups, recycling property, and the surplus of property according to Alabama rules and regulations. Technical services have been provided for records and space management statewide.

Alabama Law requires that each state department or agency create an established control all non-consumable personal property of the value of $500 or more owned by the state and used by said department or agency. The head of each department or agency is required to designate a property manager whose duty shall be to maintain a full and complete inventory of all such property thereafter acquired. The inventory must show all the complete description, manufacturer, serial number, cost price, date of purchase, location and custodial agency, responsible officer or employee and an inventory control number of each item. A copy of such inventory must be submitted to the State Auditor’s Property Inventory Control Division October 1 and April 1 of each year. The designated property manager for each state agency is required to keep at all times in their files a copy of all inventories submitted to the State Auditor’s Property Inventory Control Division, and said copies are subject to examination by any and all state auditors or employees of the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts. Annual internal on-site property audits are conducted each year. The State Auditor’s Property Inventory Control Division conducts a biannual on-site audit every other year. This process requires the assistance and cooperation of all officials within the Alabama Unified Judicial System, and the Administrative Office of Courts.

The Alabama Presiding Circuit Judges are requested to delegate a responsible property inventory person. or persons to be responsible for and oversee property in their respective courthouses, court annexes and designated offices. This person or persons must coordinate with the AOC Property Management team in the accountability of State property, according to State laws, rules and regulations.

The law further requires that when any such property items are entrusted to other employees or officers within its department or agency, the designated property manager shall require a written, signed receipt of each such property item entrusted, and that employee or officer shall then become the responsible person for said property. Additionally, no such property may be disposed of, transferred, assigned or entrusted to any other department, agency or employee thereof without the knowledge and written permission of the State Auditor’s Property Inventory Control Division.


The revised AOC Records Retention Schedule is available for website viewing or download.

Access from www.alacourt.gov. Select “Publications”. Click onto “2009 Records Retention Schedule.