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Administrative Office of Courts
300 Dexter Ave.
Montgomery, Al 36104
(334) 954-5000

SJIS Helpdesk

The SJIS Help Desk provides judicial employees and SJIS users with assistance in access issues, procedures, error correction, computer error correction, data entry issues, printing issues, code issues, procedural interpretations, attorney code entry, bond company code entry, jury summons and management issues and general trouble shooting on all entry, printing, data transfer, employee access and output issues. This assistance is provided for the traffic system, criminal system, civil system, juvenile system, juror system, warrant system, docket system, enforcement system, accounting system and all ancillary systems of the SJIS.

  • Field calls from circuit clerk’s personnel, judge’s office personnel, and other judicial employees concerning the above issues.
  • Research problems and issues that arise out of assistance calls.
  • Analyze problems and issues, then investigate the cause of the problems to provide a solution to SJIS users.
  • Either route calls to, or work with, the programmers, AOC attorneys or other resource people to provide proper solutions and answers to SJIS users.
  • Provide proper access to individuals to various areas of the judicial information system based on requests and approval of circuit clerks.
  • Enter and maintain the attorney code records, including change of addresses submitted by clerk’s offices or attorneys.
  • Enter and maintain bond company code records, including change of addresses and qualified bondmen submitted by clerk’s offices.
  • Provide printer routing and trouble shooting assistance.
  • Maintain the help key system that provides field-by-field on-screen data entry assistance to users.
  • Create and develop procedural guides and manuals for the various SJIS processes and products.
  • Maintain the PC Help Desk email box through email answers to questions or forwarding questions/issues to appropriate areas for assistance.
  • Provide juror labels to circuit clerk’s offices.
  • Provide Westlaw setup, access and password issuance.